The Brother/Sisterhood Remains …

We are the Alliance for Retired Law Enforcement Officers, a premier organization here to recognize you as the noble sheep dog; forever keeping the wolf from harming our most vulnerable. Here at ARELO, we value the service of Law Enforcement by simply “Protecting Your Future Beyond the Badge”.

Formerly, you served as the warrior guardian for the better part of your life, and now that you have retired does not mean you should be forgotten or any less appreciated. ARLEO is here to afford you the proper respect and legal protection, should you find the need to take action in an attempt to protect the good from evil!

Here at ARLEO …

We have created a program that will continue to offer many [or more] association benefits that you enjoyed during your active Law Enforcement years. We believe, just because you’ve retired, you should not lose the incredible benefits and perks your active law enforcement associations provided during your active years of service.

A Message from the President


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