The Brother/Sisterhood Remains …

ARLEO is a premier organization that understands even though you are not wearing your badge anymore, you shall forever be appreciated for your service. Now that you have retired, this does not mean you should be forgotten or any less appreciated.  ARLEO is here to afford you the proper respect, benefits and legal protection. ARLEO values that service by “Enhancing Your Future Beyond the Badge”. 

Here at ARLEO …

This program will continue to offer many (or more) association benefits that you enjoyed during your active Law Enforcement years.  Just because you’ve retired, you should not lose the incredible benefits and perks your active law enforcement associations provided during your active years.

Click on the links below to see some of the major benefits and discounts you as members of ARLEO can obtain.

IUPA Member Benefits
Union Plus
IUPA Free College

A Message from the President


2401, 2022

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