ARLEO’s Mission Statement

“Enhancing Your Future Beyond the Badge”

A Law Enforcement Officer is NEVER fully Retired. We at ARLEO, understand this to be true because that’s who we are, Retired Law Enforcement Officers. We will provide a resource for Legal Protection for those who have risked their lives every day to Protect others. We offer the Legal Support You Deserve and the ability to Monetarily Enjoy a Healthy and Fulfilling Life after a LEO puts away their Shield. We know who You are and You will Always be there to Protect…

Join as Retired I.U.P.A. Member

$60 the first year for Retiring or Retired I.U.P.A. Members with Sponsorship Program provided by Your Local and the I.U.P.A.
Please reach out to your I.U.P.A. local leader/president for more information and to see if they are participating.
*(Not all Locals are participating in the Sponsorship program; please check with your Local prior to signing up). Otherwise, the cost is $180.00 annually.

Here at ARLEO …

This program will continue to offer many (or more) association benefits that you enjoyed during your active Law Enforcement years.  Just because you’ve retired, you should not lose the incredible benefits and perks your active law enforcement associations provided during your active years.

Click on the links below to see some of the major benefits and discounts you as members of ARLEO can obtain.

A Message from the President


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